Evolution of …me.

Ya know it’s funny how ‘we’ evolve. Not in the hominid sense, but in the evolution of what we see and experience as photographers.

I relate it to my evolution as a wine buff…taking my Introductory Sommelier then realizing “yeah I’m good right here…” I’m not going to be working in the ‘industry’ … or maybe…?”

I first saw photography or rather photographer evolution in this brilliant chap I met one fine winter day, while out freezing our butts off at an ice-climbing festival. So I blame him for me thinking about the ‘me’ evolution in photography.

Ace Kvale https://www.acekvale.com/About/1

Ace is a low-key, down-to-earth, talented, well-known, National Geographic Photographer, someone I felt a connection…probably with more than a bit of awe [grin] thrown in. I gave him my pounamu, as a thank you, because in New Zealand the pounamu is considered a sacred gift, and that is what I felt he gave me when he shared his photography tips and more importantly, his photography story.

He talked about how he moved through the various themes of photography…adventure sports then through other themes to finally his travel portraits.

It got me thinking about where I was with my photography… I’m still thinking about it…am I a landscape photographer? Not an underwater photo hound. Oh what about wildlife (I’m surrounded by it in Alaska) or maybe I am a travel photographer, as most of mine are taken as I travel..but I really love the impromptu portraits I have taken…

Whitianga, New Zealand

Hiking Zion, Utah, USA
Bald Eagle, Valdez, AK, USA
Musician at Shidner Fest, McCarthy, AK, USA
The lad, Hawaii, USA
‘Saltie’ crocodile in Kakadu National Park, Australia
Diving Great Barrier Reef, Australia

So I realized I still have not idea ‘What’ I want to focus on…then I realize as I look through some of my pics “ya know it’s ok”…I don’t need to be known for any one theme, I can just enjoy My evolution… wherever it will take me.

Flowers ~ Natures beautiful survivors

Flowers of any kind are pretty amazing…the closer you look, the more macro you look with the camera, shows you the most awesome piece of …engineering really, natural engineering…which is mind blowing. If you look at how nature provides what it needs to survive and thrive (without human annoying intervention or destruction) the awe is magnified, I feel pretty stoked to be able to see it through the lens… 

Fireweed and Lupines
 Look at the pond Lily and see the microcosm so full of life, look at the eye of a wild daisy, see the florets as miniature flowers themselves.  

Yellow Pond Lily

Wild Daisy
 See the colors used to attract and the insects that spreads them for the next years blooming.   

 Look at the delicate petals, colors, scents and imagine the world without them…a poorer place it would be indeed! 


Fireweed ~ Alaskan native

Fireweed is an Alaskan ‘regular’, also known as Rosebay willow herb, can be seen in fields Fireweed amongst left oversof color…It is an amazing plant with multiple uses ~ tea from the leaves, honey, candies and sFireweed shines even at night.yrups and jellies. It is so hardy that is is often used to recolonize after fire or other land devastation…Me, I think it is just simple and beautiful.