Flowers ~ Natures beautiful survivors

Flowers of any kind are pretty amazing…the closer you look, the more macro you look with the camera, shows you the most awesome piece of …engineering really, natural engineering…which is mind blowing. If you look at how nature provides what it needs to survive and thrive (without human annoying intervention or destruction) the awe is magnified, I feel pretty stoked to be able to see it through the lens… 

Fireweed and Lupines
 Look at the pond Lily and see the microcosm so full of life, look at the eye of a wild daisy, see the florets as miniature flowers themselves.  

Yellow Pond Lily

Wild Daisy
 See the colors used to attract and the insects that spreads them for the next years blooming.   

 Look at the delicate petals, colors, scents and imagine the world without them…a poorer place it would be indeed! 


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