Sunflower ~ Out of urban decay comes life.

I love sunflowers, they are sunshine and life itself…Out of urban decay comes life ~ Georgetown, South Carolina

A recent vacation took us to the East Coast, from New York, through 5 states. On one of many drives we pull into this small town ~ Georgetown, South Carolina, USA… I must admit I love historic towns (yeah something I am finding out now      🙂 ). Although the town itself is pretty small it is the home of second largest seaport in So Carolina and some historians believe was where American history began as the earliest settlement in North America in 1526. What is agreed upon is that in 1729 Elisha Screven had the plans for the town in a four-by-eight block grid which is now listed in the National ReGeorgetown historic waterfront walk. gister of Historic Places. Some of the original homes still stand.

Sept, 2013 7 buildings were destroyed in a massive downtown fire, with the Coast Guard fighting it from the river, directly behind the buildings, while 9 other districts assisted in fire response.

Georgetown survived and continues to thrive, and remains a delightful part of South Carolina’s history.

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